Character Trait for September - Caring

"Showing others they are valuable by how you treat them"

Our time at school is limited, so we rely on your involvement to help us make the value come alive each month! That’s why we are sharing 4 activities for you and your child to do in the car, at home, or in your community that will reinforce the big idea we are discussing here at school. C – “car time” will provide a link you can follow to download a song that reinforces the meaning of the value. O – “open wide” will be a few discussion starters for around the dinner table that will crack open what this month’s value is all about. R – “rest” is an age-appropriate book that you can order online or check out at your local library to read at bedtime, or any time of the day. These books are guaranteed to reiterate this month’s big idea and encourage great discussion with your child. E – “experience” is a creative suggestion for a family activity that will put this value into action. Thanks for your participation in building these inward attitudes into outward behaviors!


“Give A Little Love”

“Shake This Planet”



You’ve probably heard of the Golden Rule, haven’t you?“ Treat others as you’d like to be treated.” One famous example of this is when President Kennedy used the Golden Rule to challenge Americans to desegregate –

in fact, the speech was the same day when he had two National Guardsmen accompany two young black men to the University of Alabama. At this point in history, African Americans still had to go to separate schools, drink from separate water fountains, and sit at the back of the bus. Kennedy challenged people to think: would they be willing to change the color of their skin and accept the same prejudice that African Americans were experiencing?



Because of You: A book about Kindness by B.G. Hennessy

Each child brings to the world one more person to love and care for — and one more person who can love and care for others. As children grow and learn, they can teach others.


There are so many great ideas for Random Acts of Kindness. You can find hundreds at But here are a couple fun ones to do with the whole family this month:

Donate a box of toys to your local children’s shelter.We all have toys we have completely forgotten about anyway. So why not dig in the back of your closet, underneath your bed, even clean out the attic, and pass your

toys on to someone else? If you don’t have a children’s shelter nearby, try donating them to a children’s hospital or thrift store. And for extra points, throw one of your favorite or newer toys in the box!