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Thanks for visiting my PPCD page. That stands for Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities. We have a lot of fun learning in our classroom.

Feel free to contact me anytime through email. You are also welcome to call the school and leave a message. I will return your call as soon as I can. My conference period is from 12:40-1:40 daily. You can also join my Remind Class. 

Recent Posts

Outer Space Day!

We had so much fun racing from the earth to the moon, with jet packs on of course! Jumping on the "moon" and to launch the rockets was another favorite activity. We enjoyed learning with our friends, waiting patiently, taking turns, following directions, and just having fun!

Field Day 2018

It wasn't warm, but we still had fun doing our own versions of the egg race, ring toss, puzzle, sponge race, and bucket of fish race. The looks of pure joy and intense concentration in the photos shows how much we all enjoyed it!
Today was Career Day at MES. We learned about dentists, trash collectors, physical therapists,firemen, policemen, and tow truck drivers. We got to climb in the driver's seat of the fire truck and go through the police car and the ambulance. We loved seeing the ramp on the tow truck go up and down and throwing trash in the trash can. It was fun!

Community Helpers

Pretending is such an important part of play. You use language to communicate with others. You use your imagination to decide what to do next. You sometimes go out of your comfort zone to touch new things or put on new clothes. You can tell by the looks on their faces, that we learned a lot during the community helpers unit. Thanks too to The Temple Fire Station, Extraco Bank, The Dollar Tree, and Chili's for hosting us!
We are right in the middle of our community helpers unit. Each child chose the community helper that they wanted to be by putting his/her name on a picture. We had so much fun marching in the book parade this morning with all of our community helper books. This week we are learning about people who work in stores, restaurants, and food trucks! Next week will be policemen and firemen!

Groundhog Day

We weren't thrilled with the thought of six more weeks of winter, but we did enjoy learning about groundhogs and shadows.